way to the European Cup in 2016.

Written, directed and produced by Kreshnik Jonuzi, Luftar Von Rama and Charlie Askew, TRIUMPH  is a film that chronicles the Albanian National Team and their journey to their first ever qualification into a major tournament.

TRIUMPH captures moments with the Albanian National Team captain Lorik Cana, his team, and the Albanian people while on the road to the 2016 Euro Cup. Follow the Albanian National Team's rich history, national pride, and historic tensions as they rise in the world rankings on the way to the European Cup in 2016.

Beginning on October 14, 2014, the two Eastern European countries of Albania and Serbia faced off on the soccer field in the Serbian capital of Belgrade. With Albanian fans not permitted to attend the game due to purported safety concerns, the stadium full of Serbian fans echoed chants and death threats. Tensions rose to a boil when a drone carrying an Albanian flag flew above the players and onto the pitch. Angered fans rushed the field, attacking the Albanian players, forcing the match to end.

A history of political tensions, war and genocide is explored as we follow the journey of the Albanian National Team on their first EURO cup appearance.




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